John, Paula and Mickey talk with Mark Parry of Global Aircraft Group, Dwight Cox of Air Tankers and Trish Machiri of Charterly about our goals, aspirations and things we want to be different in 2022!
And the list is long . . .

And. . .

  • Mickey goes out of his way to point out that his mom got totally smoked with a MUCH more exciting elevator pitch.
  • Mickey has healthy, wealthy, wise, house, community, and dog goals.
  • Dwight drops some wisdom on Mickey about military and government contracting.
  • Trish intrepidly opens the door to a discussion on mental health and mind-set, and a  nice clean breeze blows into a stagnant industry.
  • Why we’ve been “hiding” the topic of mind-set (like the peanuts in a Snickers Bar) inside many of our courses and programs without just coming out with it and discussing it openly all these years.
  • John abandons us to our own devices and runs off to exercise his work/life balance goals.

Joining us in this episode

Mickey Gamonal, Asvab Domination by Gamonal Tutors
Asvab Domination by Gamonal Tutors
Don’t let a low score be a barrier in your military future.
We’ll help you get the MOS of your dreams.
Dwight Cox, Air Refueling

Our Vision -To be the Worlds-Leading Private Aerial Refueling Service Provider

Mark Parry, Global Aircraft Group

PAAO, USPAP appraisals, expert witness, prebuy inspections, US and Worldwide.

Trish Machiri, Charterly

Based in Canada, we focus on private charter. Over 4000 aircraft available to service your needs.