“What’s the point of having a book club if you don’t get to eat brownies and drink wine?”

Jami Attenberg

Since this is a virtual book club, of course you’re welcome to bring your own brownies and wine, but the main point is sharing ideas with other aviation sales and marketing professionals.

It can be very revealing to find out – what did they find relevant in our industry? What advice would do more harm than good in our unique environment? What does the author think? (Sometimes authors join us to share their thoughts!

Our book club is one of the most, well, one of my favorite aspects of the Marketing Lab.

And the reason is that I’ve always been a bookworm, you know, ever since I was a kid.

I’ve always found that the more I read, the more tools I have in my quiver.

You know even if I’ve never done something before, if I read about it, at least I know how to get started. And, you know, I have some information, I can come back to about how to solve a problem or accomplish an objective, or something along those lines.

So, the books that we pick for the book club range pretty widely from the very, very tactical, this is how you do it kind of marketing books to the motivational, to the business to the philosophical, you know, lots of different topics in our book club.

But the nice thing is, they give us a conversation piece, you know?

So that we have something to meet, learn about each other, and learn about each other’s opinions. And you know, have something to talk about that helps us get to know one another better.

So, you know, just like a book club in real life, people have wine and brownies and things like that.

You’ll have to bring your own to our book club because it’s virtual. But we really love that opportunity to get to know our people better. And there’s a lot of things that we learned about our clients and customers that never would have come up if we weren’t reading a particular book or, you know, something along those lines.

So, I hope you’ll join us for our book club online discussions and Zoom discussions because those are a lot of fun. And they do help us get to know more about, you know, the books themselves and about each other which is what it’s really all about.