“Once you demonstrate that you care and will go the extra mile to produce added value, your prospective clients will want you to succeed.”
― Anthony Iannarino, The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need

Most new companies and new salespeople struggle with prospecting.

So our Prospecting course, is the one course that I would recommend for anybody who needs to raise revenue in their business or for their organization. You know, that is the one thing that very few people do correctly and it is a learned skill. It’s a very systematic type of a thing, you follow these steps, it will work every single time. And you know, if you follow through, it’s not the most fun thing in the world, it’s not the most fun thing about marketing, it’s not, you know, designing, advertising, it’s not coming up with clever platforms or clever campaigns or anything like that. It is a very systematic activity that always works and that’s the good and the bad about Prospecting.

So, in our Prospecting course, we use LinkedIn or we use email, or we use whatever tool you have. And we go through a process of identifying prospects, seeking them out, and using a specific set of steps that have a pretty high percentage of turning that prospect into either a customer or at least an advocate, you know if they’re not in a situation where they could use your product or service.

They will at least know more about your company and feel positive about you and about your company because you have prospected them in a respectful way and you’ve sought them out and interacted with them very respectfully and very professionally. So, that’s what our Prospecting course is all about. I wish everybody would take it and I think a lot of people would be making a whole lot more money if they would just do that one thing, just do that Prospecting course.