Paula Williams: Hey, Paula Williams.

John Williams: And John Williams.

Paula: And we are ABCI. And ABCI’s mission is…

John: To help all you ladies and gents out there sell more of your products and services in the aviation world.

Paula: Absolutely.

John: I don’t talk much these days.

Paula: Exactly. That goes on the bloopers reel. Speaking of bloopers reels. Video editing and production is one thing that we do that a lot of our clients haven’t yet taken advantage of or it’s actually one of the things that people sometimes hire us for to start with. Now, it’s becoming a lot more popular.

John: Yeah.

Paula: Yeah.

John: Cool.

Paula: So video editing and production. It is so much easier than it used to be because everybody has the infrastructure nowadays after a year of or two of pandemic. Everybody’s got a Zoom setup of some kind. So you’re already halfway there for doing video. And video is super effective in demonstrating products and services. We’ve talked about this before.

So if you are wanting to do a promo video for your product or service that used to be, what, $10,000 a minute or something for studio time?

John: Things down to a 1,000 now.

Paula: Something, I mean an insane amount of money for that sort of thing. And we’ve got two options for you, one of, which is coming soon. And one of which is available now. So, the one is available now is a do-it-yourself option where you do some of the footage, we’ll do diagrams, animation, slides anything that you like to add to that. And we can do a really, really professional looking promotional video for you within a reasonable amount of time in a reasonable amount of money. So that’s option number one.

Option number two is to have you come to Salt Lake City and shoot the video in our studio which is not, at this writing, not quite finished. But that option will be available soon. We were putting together a studio in our basement that is actually a very cost effective and very professional alternative to studio time.

So if you want studio quality sound and studio quality video and everything else, we will have that option available soon from the convenient location of Salt Lake City.

So, and a lot of our clients are in aviation. They come by Salt Lake City for one reason or another. Some of them are airline pilots who are able to arrange a stop over here and do some video and work on their their side gig and that kind of thing.

So that’s something that we can accommodate. We just need to know scheduling and everything else. And we can make sure that we make the best use of your time. We’ll have you come in, we handle all the lighting, all the sound and everything for you.

And we’ll do some work before you get here in terms of outlining your video making sure you’re comfortable with it. You can practice it as much or as little as you like. Show up. Do your thing. And then you take off and do your thing and we will take it from there and do the editing in the production.

John: Correct.

Paula: So, those are a couple of options that are available for our marketing log members.

John: True. Sounds good to finish down there.

Paula: Exactly.

John: A lot of sawdust strike me out.

Paula: Exactly. So, do we want to mention a timeframe or do
we not?

John: No, because the supply chain is an issue as everybody knows. And we’ve ordered stuff that’s taking six and eight months to get here. And we got stuff and order to has been ordered, on order that long.

Paula: Yeah, exactly. Right. So, either way if you are a client and you’re looking at a future project, we’ll work with you as much as we can. If we can do part of that in some other way, we’ll do that ahead of time.

John: Yap.

Paula: Anyway, video editing and production. One of our favorite things to do and you know have Final Cut Pro and you know how to use it. So we’re armed and dangerous and know what we’re doing. All right. Have a great week. See you next time.

John: Stay safe and healthy, ciao.