In today’s aviation landscape, it’s crucial to recalibrate our approach to conferences and events. The pandemic offered a  pause, allowing us to break from tradition and reassess the value of these large gatherings.

Notably, Gulfstream’s absence from NBAA this year sparked discussions – a reminder that not all industry events align perfectly with every company’s target audience.

Conferences are a chance to meet, network, and learn. But they are not one-size-fits-all. It’s less about quantity and more about quality. For us, striking the right balance means choosing four key events per year. This ensures we can fully engage without overextending—planning effectively, arriving energized, and dedicating time to meaningful follow-ups.

The return on investment (ROI) can be surprisingly higher at smaller, niche gatherings. Take the OFA event, for instance – intimate, focused, and immensely productive. By truly connecting with a select group, we forge deeper, more personal business relationships.

For the events we do attend, our mantra is to be fully present: speaking, sponsoring, networking – from breakfasts to parties. And while I don’t personally golf, (you’re welcome!) if I did, I’d be hitting the greens too! ⛳️

It’s about maximizing value from each event we commit to.

🔍 Your turn: What’s your ideal number of conferences? Any favorites that deliver exceptional ROI for you? Drop your thoughts below! 👇

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