00:52 Introduction to the Best Marketing Campaigns of 2023

06:26 The Three Key Elements: List, Offer, Presentation

07:49 Why do campaigns fail? Most common problems Major Campaigns Unpacked:

23:50 Prospecting Campaign: Continuous Engagement Strategies

28:26 Valentine’s Day Campaign: Leveraging Seasonal Opportunities

34:15 Trade Show Event Campaign: Maximizing Impact at Live Events

Evaluating and Improving Your Campaigns

47:40 Calculating ROI: Measuring Campaign Effectiveness

50:21 Understanding and Applying ROI Metrics

Wrap Up

54:11 Q & A Tailoring Strategies for Big Ticket Items like Hangar Space

59:00 Marketing Lab: Enhancing Tools, Skills & Networking Opportunities.

Join us for a comprehensive dive into successful aviation marketing tactics and learn how to soar above the competition!


Top three aviation marketing campaigns of 2023

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