So, you’re heard that a corporate blog is a great way to keep in touch with customers. It keeps them coming back to your website, which gives you more opportunities to build relationships and show your wares. A blog also  builds credibility and establishes your expertise on a topic, and to boost web traffic through search engine optimization.  It’s also great PR, since it allows news organizations to see what you’re up to when they’re on deadline and looking for a great story.

You also know that a you have to update a corporate blog regularly.  Ideally, you’ll post something new at least once a week.  These can be short, informal posts, but I recommend publishing something substantial at least a couple of times a month.

So, what do you write about in an aviation blog?

Here are some ideas for companies in the Aviation industry:

  • Return on Investment Stories about your product or service.  Everyone is very concerned about the economy, and proving the value of an investment in your product or service is a great way to allay fears and help your customer justify a buying decision.   Get a customer to relate a story, comment on a case study from an industry source, or create a theoretical situation.
  • Tips and Tricks for using your product most effectively, making the most out of your customer’s investment.
  • Aviation Humor – Everyone loves a good story, joke or photo.  Share the ones that float into your in-box, as long as they’re not copyrighted or offensive. (This is the easiest one!)
  • Highlight a Customer’s Business. Show one of your customers using your product or service, and highlight how it’s helped them be successful.  This is great publicity for you and for them. Include photos if possible.
  • Feature an Employee – Employees are always doing great things. Feature your employee of the month in the blog and explain what this person does and how he or she has done something exemplary. You can even feature outside activities and causes (probably non-political ones are best.)  UPS did a great job of this by featuring employees training for Olympic teams.
  • Highlight a Cause –   Some companies support the United Way or Habitat for Humanity; or offer employees time off to work on causes of their choice.  Stories about non-controversial causes that you and/or your employees support brings needed publicity to the cause, and to your company.
  • “Green” Stories are great PR right now.  If you’ve switched to more energy-efficient equipment, weatherized your building, or are recycling waste products, use your blog to show and tell.
  • New or Repackaged Products or Services – If you’ve typically sold your product to flight schools but now have a variation for charter services, announce it on your blog!

But what if I don’t have time to write all this?

Hire a professional service,  such as ABCI.  We collaborate with you on  a list of topics specifically for your company, and to and assemble  an editorial schedule of topics for your blog.  Then we write (or edit) the pieces you select on the schedule you approve.

•    You know the writing will be professionally done.
•    You know it will be done on time.
•    I am very organized about interviews, which minimizes the time your staff has to spend providing material.