Why is it important for companies to publish great aviation articles on their blog, website or newsletter?

We know that more people search Google for your product or service than in any other  single publication.  We also know that to be found online, we improve our chances by publishing more material about our product or service.

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to generate high-quality, current aviation articles, or other material that gets indexed and gets found on the search engines, is to write a blog.

But blogs require a lot of articles.  Some find the idea of writing a new article a week daunting.

ABCI contributes aviation articles weekly (or almost weekly) articles for nine blogs, not counting the four blogs we ghostwrite, and two clients whose sites have not yet launched.  Many of our clients do a lot of their own writing,  but we work together to varying degrees to develop article ideas.

Here are three  tried-and-true methods to generate great aviation articles with real-world examples:

  • What is new with your product, or your company? Do you have any new product developments? Have you added a feature or made something easier to use?  Added a service?  Learned something from a customer that you can apply to others?  People enjoy the “behind the scenes” view of how things are made and done.

Show some personality and passion! People are interested in other people, and they buy from people that they like and trust.  Showing a little personality in your marketing almost always improves results. Sharing some opinions, some likes and dislikes, and some passion for your company, your product, your job, or just life in general will make you appear to be more of a “real” person, not just a drone shilling a product.

A fellow photographer wrote this on Taylor Greenwood’s Facebook page:

Taylor, with 60% of Americans dreading Monday morning –  it is great to see you; someone so passionate about what they do.

Aviation Articles - Content MarketingNote – it can help to have someone else do the writing, or perhaps interview you,  if you feel awkward writing about yourself.

Each of these articles has gotten a respectable amount of traffic, and each of these blogs is on the first page of Google results for the keywords it’s optimized for, and each of these blogs generates sales.*


Because all of them have a lot of current, interesting, useful content that’s relevant to the product or service they sell.

And there’s a bonus – if you write a great article, you can use it in lots of places. On your blog, in a customer newsletter, in a brochure, in an email . . .   So each piece you write is a great investment in your company.

*Except for the Forbes Wheels Up Business Aviation Blog – We just contribute to it, we don’t manage it – and it has a different purpose – to provide high-quality content for the publication, not necessarily to sell a particular product.

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