AMMC Member HighlightsOur Facebook Faciitator Bert Botta interviews members of the ABCI Master Class, and we publish those interviews, or Member Highlights, as a way to help our Master Class Members get to know one another better and refer business to one another more appropriately.

But, we’ve found that these interviews have other benefits as well. They are posted on ABCI’s website and social media for additional visibility, and include links to websites and social media, so they can be used to improve search engine optimization (SEO.)

Members are welcome to link to and copy from their highlight pages however they choose – feel free to link, share, and excerpt away!

ABCI has always advocated re-using materials as much as possible, for visibility, branding, and credibility – we all work hard, so we want to make every bit of written content as efficient as possible.

Here are some ideas of places to link to your Highlight Page:

  1. Your “About Us” or “About Me” page of your website.
  2. Your personal LinkedIn profile (as an update)
  3. Your company LinkedIn page (as an update)
  4. Your personal LinkedIn profile (as an update)
  5. Post it to LinkedIn groups of which you’re a member
  6. Post it on your personal Google+ page
  7. Post it on your company Google+ page
  8. Post it on your Twitter account (Use hashtags appropriate to your specialty!)
  9. Post the image on your Instagram account (again, use those hashtags!)
  10. Use your highlight page in a profile or information package.

Note – these tips are equally useful for any article, interview or mention by any third party!

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