Google Analytics provides a wealth of data, but most aviation professionals are confused about how to use the data. We show you how to answer three key questions with data from Google Analytics to make MORE sales from their website.

The three questions:

  • What are my best bets for online marketing investments next year?
  • Which pages (or posts) are most likely to convert visitors to buyers?
  • Where should I invest more time on my website for the maximum return (in terms of better sales results?)



Many aviation professionals feel that Google Analytics is “too technical” or that the information they receive from it is not helpful. But we find that it’s a great way to save time and money and get better results (aka make more sales!) from your web site.


SEO Tip Sheet Ad - SquareSEO Tip Sheet

Two things we mention in this webinar – Search Engine Optimization!  SEO will help you get more visitors (prospective buyers)  to your website.

Search Engine Optimization is a great long-term investment in the health of your sales pipeline, because it helps people who are looking for the product or service you are offering find you on the web.

It doesn’t work instantly, but it does work reliably and well over time.

We have a free Tip Sheet with Five Ways to Improve your SEO.



Lead Magnet Ideas

Square Ad - Lead Magnet Tip Sheet

If you already have plenty of traffic and visitors coming to your website, but are not making as many sales as you would like, then the next step is to find who who, among the people visiting your website, are the most likely to buy from you.

We do that by creating a “Call to Action” or “CTA” or “Lead Magnet.”

These are tip sheets, checklists, worksheets, videos or other materials that are very attractive to your prospective buyers, and items that they will need to provide contact information for in order to download.

We have a free Tip Sheet with 17 Call to Action Ideas available here.

The two tip sheets on this page are examples of lead magnets!



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