Aviation Twitter MarketingAviation Twitter Marketing  is something we’re asked about frequently –

  • “Should we maintain a Twitter presence?”
  • “Isn’t it full of robots and fake news?”
  • “Is it worth the time?”
  • “If we have a Twitter presence, do we have to respond to every mention?”
  • “How to we keep up with all these social media channels?”

The simple answers- yes, yes, yes, yes, and luckily, this is something that can be at least 50% automated and/or outsourced.

Twitter has become an important media channel. The Donald Trump presidential campaign has brought Twitter to national attention and status, and whether your ideal customers and peers are on Twitter, you can bet that aviation industry thought leaders ARE using Twitter, at least for research, and to get quick answers to questions.

Aviation Digital MarketingHere are the marketing benefits for having (and using) a Twitter account.

  • It’s good to have “ownership” of your company name.
  • If you’re already doing other digital marketing, you can repurpose other marketing materials, extending your reach without much added expense or effort.
  • You can improve your trade show marketing performance by using Twitter and the show hashtags in your campaigns.
  • You can monitor mentions of your company, product and people and make timely decisions to respond (or not.)
  • You can connect with aviation thought leaders.

There are many, many resources and “how tos” for including Twitter as a component of your aviation marketing campaigns, and how to use twitter as a tool to broadcast your messages and more importantly, engage in conversations!

We’ve met future clients, thought leaders, book authors for our book club, people to interview for our podcast, and people to meet at in-person networking events through Twitter.  So, if you think it’s trivial or silly, it’s likely the fault of the company you keep, but not necessarily the tool.  (It’s good to be selective and disciplined about your audience here, as it is for everything else!)

Here’s a(n obviously incomplete) list of Twitter accounts aviation professionals should follow:  (Add your own in the comments below!)



And of course, yours truly.