||Tip Sheet – Turbine Work.

Tip Sheet – Turbine Work.

Tip Sheet Helps Aviation Businesses Plan Expenses for Turbine Work.

The Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A engine is one of the most popular engines used in business and agricultural aviation all over the world.


Like all engines, the PT6A needs periodic maintenance, and this maintenance creates downtime and expense for the owner of the aircraft.


“Hot section inspections and overhauls can vary quite a bit in price, depending on several factors,” said Jay Streb, General Manager and Chief Inspector at Turbines Inc. “But we also know that business owners need to plan and budget for the work, so we wanted to make that easier for them.”


The Tip Sheet, “How Much Should I Expect to Pay for Turbine Work” is available from the Turbines Inc. website at www.TurbinesInc.com/Tip-Sheet or can be obtained by calling Turbines Inc. at 812-877-2587



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Jay Streb, General Manager and Chief Inspector at Turbines Inc.

Turbines Inc - Jay Streb


51,000 PT6A Engines have been sold. They are known for reliability and efficient operation.


A Turbines Inc. team member works on an engine.

Working on a Pt6A engine

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