Free for our Aviation Marketing Lab Insiders, and a great value for everyone else. We’re introducing our Project Workshops.

They’re not “Do It Yourself,” and they’re not “Done For You,” they’re “Done With You,” which is the best of both worlds.

In our first workshop, we’ll be working WITH you this month to build 12 relevant, engaging social media posts and deploying them in the best possible way to meet your sales and marketing goals.

If you’re already in our Marketing Lab, you already have access. If you’re not, join us here!

Join the Marketing Lab

Each project will include:

  1. A video selling the project outcome & benefits & explaining the options
  2. A free DIY worksheet or checklist
  3. Courses & tutorials on the topic
  4. Canva template or fill-in-the-blanks worksheet accessible to lab members

November 2020- Engaging Social Posts
Outcome – 90 Days of Engaging Social Media Posts, such as Quotes, Q & A, Tip of the Week, Behind the Scenes
Available Upgrades- Assistance with infographics & video editing.

December 2020 – Calendars & Budgets
Outcome – A proactive marketing strategy and plan for 2021
Available Upgrades- In-Person Strategy Sessions

January 2021- Resales, recaptures & referral campaign
Outcome – a ready-to-print & send referral campaign to send in the mail for Valentines Day.
Available Upgrades – More extensive and customized design, print & mail services

February 2021- Prospecting campaign
Outcome – An “approach plate” and custom (or not) action plan for your Most Wanted Customers.
Available Upgrades – Coaching + role playing

March 2021 – Personal Branding
Outcome – Actionable checklist of recommendations for your LinkedIn Profile, Professional Photo, Google presence, and Zoom appearance (video & audio.) Available Upgrades – copywriting for your bio.

April 2021 – Trade show campaigns
Outcome – A ready-to- execute campaign to get more qualified prospects to your trade show booth (or set appointments.)
Available Upgrades – Custom writing, design, Facebook ad management etc

May 2021 – Storytelling Workshop
Outcome – Create three of the Five stories Every Brand Needs to Tell – ready to write as blog posts or video scripts.
Available Upgrades- Custom writing & video editing

June 2021 – Short Intro Video
Outcome – A ready-to-execute short video script for your website home page or About page, or social media introducing your main product or service and why customers should choose it as the best option for them.
Available Upgrades – Custom rehearsals, coaching, writing & video editing

July 2021 – LinkedIn Prospecting Campaign
Outcome – a 3 step ready-to-customize & execute outreach campaign to target your ideal prospects on LinkedIn
Available Upgrades Custom coaching & copywriting

August 2021  – Consultation Campaign
Outcome – a more attractive free consultation offer that actually attracts your ideal clients.
Available Upgrades – Custom design, copywriting materials + coaching & role playing available on demand.

September 2021 – Press Kit + Press Release
Outcome – a ready-to-print (and publish on your web site) press kit ready for NBAA & other events, plus a completed Press Release
Available Upgrades- Press Release Distribution

October 2021- Branded 2022 Wall Calendar
Outcome – a ready to print (assembled in VistaPrint) calendar you can send to your prospects and clients to increase credibility, sales and referrals.
Available Upgrades- Additional Customization

November 2021- Google or Facebook Ad Campaign
Outcome – a simple but effective Google or Facebook ad campaign targeting your ideal customers at a budget you’ve determined.
Available Upgrades- troubleshooting an existing campaign that’s not performing well.

December 2021- 2022 Sales & Marketing Team Goal Setting, Strategy & Accountability Systems
Outcome – A spreadsheet that captures goals and tracks progress against them, calculates the key numbers for them (cost per lead, cost per sale, customer lifetime value, etc.
Available on demand – consulting to get this data from your current CRM, or to capture it for the future