When John and I started ABCI fifteen years ago, in the dark ages of aviation marketing,we thought we would primarily focus on aviation copywriting.

The problem was, there simply wasn’t a market for it at the time.  Everyone ran glossy ads in printed magazines with a headline and maybe a few words.  And they went to trade shows.  But they didn’t produce a lot of marketing material.

Web sites, such as they were, didn’t have a lot of competition, and getting found on the web was as easy as landing a 172.

But, times have certainly changed!


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Aviation copywriting is the art and science of persuasive writing for an audience of smart, savvy aviation industry professionals – that includes pilots, techs, consultants, lawyers, insurance people – in other words, the target market for our clients.

Of course the first task is finding out everything we possibly can about that audience, and figuring out what’s important to them, what keeps them up at night, and whether our client’s product or service can solve their problem.


Three ways aviation copywriting has changed  Three ways aviation copywriting has changed - Keyword research has become an increasingly important aspect of aviation copywriting Keyword research helps us determine how to position a client's product or service AI and Outsourcing have changed aviation copywriting AI is an important tool in profitable aviation copywriting, but it's not perfect. (yet) SEO is a vital skill for an aviation copywriter Aviation copy must be optimized for SEO Copywriting is an important skill in aviation marketing. co