The one thing ALL of our clients need is more time!

So, we’re designing some templates that give our Marketing Lab Insiders some inspiration and a head start on your social posting for the month.

  • Access any of these templates using your Canva Pro Account. (Let us know if you have difficulty accessing your account!)
  • Replace the “ACME Aviation” logo with your own.
  • Change any colors, fonts, or images you like to match your OWN company specifications and brand.
  • You can download any post as a video (MP4) or still image (we recommend PNG) and publish it to any of your social media channels. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram.

These posts are designed to:

  • Highlight your product or service
  • Add variety and engagement to your social accounts
  • Keep you front-of-mind with your prospects and customers (in a non-salesy way) during a long sales cycle.

Want us to modify & post these for you?

Let us know and we’ll take care of it in your Project Hours.


Not a client?  You can purchase templates from our Aviation Marketing Tools store.

Aviation Canva Templates for July 2021

Download your templates!