You probably already know that video gets better marketing results than text or still images, or pretty much anything short of being there in person.

But you might, like many of our clients, be struggling with how to produce powerful, effective videos without an equally powerful budget!



This workshop helps you find do the planning, storyboarding and shot lists to ensure you get the most out of expensive professional photography or videography.

We cover the tips you need so that even amateurs can get professional-quality clips and shots.

And we produce one video for you.

We share the best tips for publishing and publicizing your video.

And we show you how to measure your best results and use them in your planning process for the next one!

  • Bonus #1 – 100 actionable video ideas
  • Bonus #2 – Instagram Reels Tutorial
  • Bonus #3 – TikTok Tutorial

Course launches June 15, 2021!