The economy (and our aviation industry) is opening up again, and many of our clients are finding they need to adjust their sails a bit (or their elevator and rudder, if you will 🤣✈️💕) to best connect with post-pandemic customers and clients.

We recommend active companies refresh their web sites once every three to five years in any case –


  • Technology changes.
  • Your business changes.
  • Your customers’ concerns change.

This can be a simple process if you use technology such as WordPress. It might be a simple matter of applying a new theme or design, and doing a quick update of important information.

If it’s been awhile, you may have outdated technology, security issues, search engine optimization problems, and some other technical issues that need to be cleared up as well.

How do you know the difference?   Get a free consultation!

If you decide that it’s time for an overhaul, it’s a great time for that!