“Nobody ever got rich by being honest.”

This quote was pronounced by Danny DeVito’s irascible character in the very funny children’s movie Matilda.

It was a fantastic performance by DeVito, as usual, and a great setup for the little spitfire Matilda to make things right.

Things like this, and other movies where the villain is almost always wealthy and the hero is almost always poor, make for great entertainment.

But the problem with things like this is that

  1. They sound true & there are people that believe them.
  2. Sometimes even if you know the logic it’s hard to get rid of the “junk in your head” – especially if you’re barely aware of it until you trip over an old memory or attitude or reaction you didn’t remember was there!

Here’s the truth -Capitalism DEPENDS on honesty. Anything that falls outside of that paradigm is so unusual it makes the news. (Bernie Madoff, “strategic bankruptcies,” etc.)

Why this matters in aviation sales and marketing:

The junk in your head affects your relationships with people, and your ability to market and sell to people that, deep down on some subconscious (or barely conscious) level, you think of as villains.

We spend a whole week on Mindset in our Aviation Sales Basics Course and our Aviation Sales Fundamentals Course.

(And we talk about it in almost every lesson!)

Mindset is that important! (And that hard to keep your mind “junk free!”)