When we’re working on an aviation web design project, the About Us page can tend to be an afterthought.

But it shouldn’t be!

Customers that visit your About Us Page are the ones most likely to do business with you – it’s a powerful “buy” signal! They’ve already decided they like one of your products or services, now they’re just trying to figure out if you’re the best source or vendor for that product or service.

So, it’s worth spending some time and energy ensuring your page answers this one big question:

“Why Should I Choose You?”

And of course this one big question is made up of many smaller questions:

  • Why are you qualified?
  • Who else are you doing business with?
  • What are your core values and beliefs?
  • Why did you get into this business?
  • What kind of results do your customers achieve?
  • What unique qualifications and certifications do you have?

SOME of these are most relevant to YOUR specific audience, but answer them in a powerful and compelling way, and you’ll find you are selling MORE with LESS effort.