Trade shows and magazines have gotten more expensive, the competition for your products and services has gotten stiffer, and customers have gotten smarter.

What do you do now?

1)  Invest in quality content!  It’s a permanent, versatile asset!  (As opposed to advertising, which is a temporary benefit.)

2) Repurpose the heck out of that content!

If you’ve got a quality article that explains your product or service, or the solution to a problem your customers have, you have a versatile, permanent asset that you can repurpose and redeploy in many different ways:

2:15 Your website or blog.
3:27 Email – as a personal email, broadcast email to your list or autoresponder responding to inquiries.
4:05 As a video – live action or animated explainer
4:32 As a sharable, informative infographic for your website and/or social media
5:07 As social media posts – Instagram stories, LinkedIn carousels, images and/or text posts.

What’s YOUR favorite way to repurpose content?