For a small- to medium-sized aviation company, making the leap to approach aerospace companies can seem daunting.

And it certainly can be!

But working with the big aerospace companies can also be very exciting and rewarding, and there is lots of room for smaller companies to provide products and services and subcontracts.

But like everything else, there is a process!

0:32 Why breaking into Aerospace is worth it for small and medium-sized companies

3:39 Be ready to prove you can do the job (due diligence checklist)

6:10 Top Ten List

9:08 Find the Decision Makers

16:07 Create an Approach Plan 20:05 Create a Holding Pattern

20:50 Be Prepared to Wait

Deals in Aerospace depend on being in the right place at the right time, and the timing always has more to do with their agenda than with your own. So, get started now to be positioned for aerospace opportunities!