Marketing in aviation often means marketing to the affluent.

And that makes some people new to the industry, or people from other backgrounds,  a little uncomfortable.

Many people have misconceptions about the affluent, brought about by Robin Leach’s “Homes of the Rich and Famous,”  MTV specials,  and the Kardashians.

The thing about those articles and shows is that they are designed to be ABOUT the wealthy but are targeted at the “rest of us.”  And they’re not really about wealthy people, they are about celebrities and people who make their living being controversial and attracting attention to sell music, or advertising, or underwear, or whatever.

A different kind of marketing, and a different kind of people, than what most of us work with!

So, we’re bringing back a segment from our Book Club that you may have missed!

In this episode, Debbie Murphy of JetBrokers, Mickey Gamonal, and John and Paula Williams share some of the “mythbusting” from Dan Kennedy’s classic book about marketing to the affluent.

We discuss several of the “types” of affluent people.

It occurred to me after some recent conversations with clients that this information is incredibly helpful and it had been kind of buried in a past episode – worth another look!