You’ve worked hard to create a great brand, and you know how important it is to create positive associations among the community!

Once you have a great brand, you want to make sure you’re taking every possible opportunity to get the word out.

Besides expensive magazines and trade shows, how do you become known in the community?

Copy a trick from Coca Cola and other famous brands – they are always finding ways to get their logo, message, or those cute polar bears out there in front of the public at every possible opportunity.

Even using things that aren’t typically used for advertising. In fact, the more unexpected, the more effective your branding can be!

  1. Vehicles – You can wrap airplanes, buses, trains, shuttles, golf carts with your brand imagery to create moving billboards for your brand.
  2. The Parking Lot – You can create branded parking lots with your logo or brand message painted on the parking spaces or on the pavement.
  3. Food and beverage packaging – You can create branded packaging for food and beverages, such as paper cups, takeout boxes, or wrappers. I’ve seen labels printed and stuck on water bottles.
  4. Public restrooms – You can place branded posters or decals in public restrooms, to get your message in front of a captive audience. Thoughtful little gifts in the bathroom of an FBO like plastic combs or travel-sized bottles of hairspray or mouthwash.
  5. School or scout groups –  Create a classroom lesson or a merit badge program and invite kids to your facility one day per quarter or per year; make sure they go home with branded swag and have a photo op with a plane or a piece of equipment. Use the photos only if you have a signed release from parents! You can add a box to a field trip permission slip allowing the child(ren) to be photographed.

These are things that your company may already be paying for, why not use them to maximum advantage and create some positive associations with your brand?