In today’s dynamic discourse, we dive deep into “Prove It!” by Melanie Diesel and Phil M. Jones, exploring how modern marketers can establish trust and enhance the potency of their content in a crowded digital landscape. Melanie and Phil’s insights pave the way for a lively conversation around creating value-driven content, building credibility, and the transformative power of authentic communication in marketing.

  • Hosted by Paula Williams of ABCI, aviation marketing specialist
  • John Williams of ABCI, aviation business and cybersecurity specialist
  • Gene Clow of Great Circle Aircraft, a specialist in corporate jet sales and acquisitions
  • Michael Duke, the innovative CEO, and Co-founder of DBT Aero focusing on sustainable flight solutions
  • Stella Bouldin, a skilled content creator and copywriter with a knack for crafting compelling narratives

00:00 Welcome and Introductions
02:10 Why “content for contents sake” isn’t good enough. We should think of it as “evidence” toward our objectives.
03:58 First Impressions of the book
10:23 What do people accept as evidence these days?
14:38 We develop filters as buyers AND as sellers
17:35 Proving our competence
19:29 The best page/graphic in the book
23:19 What makes a credible testimonial?
26:06 What makes a credible statistic?
28:05 When to generalize and when to be specific
31:49 The psychology of numbers
35:18 The aircraft market for what’s left of 2023
37:17 Paula’s favorite Gene Clow quote
37:31 Famous last words and ratings of the book
37:31 Perry Marshall’s 80/20 Marketing
42:21 A book on the mechanics of trust
43:00 Wrap up and outtros

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