Exclusive versus inclusive marketing strategies.

I’ve lived in Salt Lake City my entire life and have never been inside a working LDS temple.

I was in Rome for two days and I toured the Vatican museums, including the Sistine Chapel. Entry into the Vatican Basilica itself is free to anyone.

Two very different strategies, both are incredibly effective.

“This is NOT for everyone.” versus “This is for everyone”

Exclusive Marketing Strategies That Work in Aviation –

  • Private jet services emphasizing luxury
  • Getting away from the crowds & the airports (Delta Lounge example)
  • Women’s groups like WAI

Inclusive Marketing Strategies that Work in Aviation –

  • NBAA No Plane No Gain campaign – most people that fly private are not VIP CEOs
  • King Air and Pilatus PC 12 – Emphasis of functionality & efficiency, NOT luxury
  • Charter companies catering to startups and super-efficient companies, families, etc. NOT VIPs.

One strategy is not necessarily better than the other, each has its purpose.

Just like choosing the right aircraft for the mission profile, it’s important to choose the right marketing strategy for your product or service!