Are you spending a lot of time and money on marketing without getting the results you expect?

There are a lot of possibilities:

  • Technology changes may have affected your product or advertising
  • The demographics you’re selling to may have changed
  • There may be some key detail that you’re missing
  • Your sales copy may not be convincing enough to inspire sales
  • A competitor may be offering a product that is “better”
  • There might be a technical issue with your website or an online marketing component
  • Your prospective client list might need to be updated, segmented or augmented

You can search out the problem and solve it yourself, or you can save time by getting a consultation from ABCI.

Two possibilities come to mind immediately:

  • We send new clients a questionnaire that asks detailed questions about their marketing objectives and current marketing efforts.  We evaluate your responses and send you a detailed set of recommendations.  Some of these recommendations may involve our services, some do not.  But everyone who has completed one of our questionnaires has said that they learned a lot from the conversation.
  • Our Web Site Audit is a great way to dig into the details of your website and expose any weaknesses that might be leaking possible sales to your competitors. We use a 31-point checklist to review your website, and those of your competitors.

If either of these services would be helpful, email us at and we’d be happy to get you more information.

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