It takes more weapons than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to have a complete and stable marketing campaign.

According to marketing expert Jay Levinson, it takes more weapons than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to create a stable and effective marketing system.

Diversity leads to stability. But how much diversity is too much?

When it comes to marketing, it’s quite a bit.

We’re continuing our series of articles on each of Jay’s Sixteen Monumental Secrets of Guerrilla Marketing.  Jay Conrad Levinson’s classic  Guerilla Marketing as they relate to aviation.

Secret Number Four is this:

Your marketing:  an assortment of at least twenty weapons.

Now, twenty is a pretty ambitious goal, even for companies that are avid marketers. Especially considering that the classic marketing book was written long before the advent of social media and blogs, so he wasn’t talking about simply writing twenty blog posts or creating twenty social media profiles.

ABCI sometimes suffers from the cobbler’s shoes syndrome, (like the legendary cobbler who was so busy working on projects for clients that didn’t have time to make shoes for his own family)  but we are obligated to be a good example of marketing behavior, so we’ll take a stab at listing our marketing “weapons:”

  1. Our blog,
  2. Our book, Flight Plan to Sales Success, New Media Marketing for the Aviation Industry on
  3. Direct mail campaigns, such as our Bank Bag Campaign for our Marketing Master Class.
  4. Our Facebook company page.
  5. Our Twitter presence.
  6. Our LinkedIn company presence.
  7. The  free ebook available from our website.
  8. Our postcard campaign for prospecting.
  9. Our referral program.
  10. Testimonials from our current clients.
  11. We attend the NBAA convention each year.
  12. A small advertisement in Airport Business magazine.
  13. Our weekly email newsletter, Writing Wednesdays.
  14. Our monthly printed newsletter, the aviation marketing Letter.
  15. Guest articles on’s blog, Wheels Up
  16. Our podcast, Your Marketing CoPilot
  17. . . . we could start counting individual blog articles and other individual campaigns designed for specific purposes . . .but we’re stretching at this point.

While we agree in principle that most companies don’t do enough different kinds of marketing, we believe it is more important to have each of your marketing weapons well-maintained and aligned as a part of a total marketing system that produces predictable results.

It is more important to have a complete, diverse, and aligned marketing system than to have any particular number of “marketing weapons.”

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