🐦 What the heck is up with Twitter?

🐦 Should we be staying on Twitter?

🐦 Should we be paying for the blue checkmark?

Our clients have been asking these questions all month in our Office Hours.

People have always over AND underestimated Twitter, since the beginning.

First it was trivial and silly.
Then in 2020 it became political and toxic
And now, nobody’s really sure what’s going on, even the people that (still) work there!)

It’s really easy to get political or emotional about these kinds of decisions, especially given Elon Musk’s talent for staying in the news.

Our philosophy:

Any social media channel is nothing but a container.

We can argue about the shape and size, and utility and suitability of the container for any particular purpose, but in its simplest form, that’s all it is. Nothing can come out of a container that wasn’t put in.

So, the contents of the container, to a greater or lesser extent, is up to you.

If your container is a can of worms, a barrel of monkeys, or a bowl of cherries depends on the quality of your network and your interactions.

If Twitter has been working well for you as a prospecting tool, or as a tool to contact the media, or a tool to build relationships with customers, keep using it.

If you’re not currently using Twitter, now is PROBABLY not a good time to invest time and resources into learning it.

What we’re going to do, is what we ALWAYS do to answer client questions. Try it ourselves!

We’re going to invest in the blue checkmark (it’s a fairly small investment anyway.) and see if our results improve or decline over the next 90 days.

So, stay tuned!

P.S – As always, have a backup plan for any business function that involves ANY third party! Never risk everything on something you don’t control. They rise, they fall, and they change the rules, so you want to make sure YOUR business has more than one effective way to advertise, more than one way to maintain relationships with your customers, and more than one way to stay in touch with your media contacts.