How do you market to customers that have the intention and the technology to actively avoid almost all of your advertising?

According to author Mark Schaefer, there have been three Marketing Rebellions.

The first was a reaction to the turn-of-the-century snake oil salesmen and resulted in the Pure Food & Drug Act of 1906.

The second was a reaction to pervasive television advertising.  (After all the promises of ad-free cable! Remember that?) The second rebellion resulted in the TiVo and DVR ad-skipping revolution.

The third is the one we’re in now. And consumers are using technology to defend themselves from ads:

✅  By listening to podcasts or music streaming rather than radio

✅  By watching movies and series on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon or Disney rather than TV

✅  By using ad-blockers and spam filters on their browsers and email.

I would argue that these “rebellions” were NOT marketing rebellions, but consumer rebellions against marketing. And the distinction is important!

So, with customers in open revolt, we can’t simply raise the volume or trick customers into seeing our ads.

So, we’ll just have to . . . do what they want us to?  😳

Which, to be honest, has always worked better all along for MRO marketing, FBO marketing, charter marketing, flight school marketing, and just about every other kind of aviation marketing we do!

John and I, together with our fabulous writer Stella Bouldin, discuss the book and share some truly awful (!) Dad jokes in this episode.