How to cross sell aviation products and services – While most of the cross selling techniques you learn in college or sales training have to do with things like fast food, there are some great examples of cross selling that suit the aviation market!

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How to Cross Sell Aviation Products and ServicesMany aviation sales and marketing professionals discount the idea of cross selling. After all, when they learned about cross selling in college or in sales training courses, the case studies and examples most used are . .  . fast food and cell phone programs.

Hardly the demographic we serve, the impression we want to give our prospects and customers.

But . . .

We’ve found that SOME techniques, applied properly, can be immensely appropriate, profitable and even convenient and enjoyable for your customers!

To start our conversation about how to cross sell aviation products and services, I have to recount a specific failure.

A client we’d worked with several times over several years on various projects called me in some distress. “This website was supposed to be done in one month, it’s been six and it’s still completely unacceptable. And the initial quote was reasonable but I’ve spent many times that amount.

Can you help me?”

“Just out of curiosity,” I asked, “Why did you choose this particular website company?”

“They called me and offered me a great deal.”  She said.

“Did you know that ABCI does websites?” I asked.

“You DO?” She was shocked.

And so was I . . .

And I vowed to do a better job of cross selling our services, and helping our CLIENTS do the same.

And many of our clients also offer many different products and services to their customers.

A few of the things we know about aviation consumers:

  • They are highly educated
  • They are VERY busy
  • They are often wealthy (HNW and UHNW)
  • They find it hard to find services providers that they trust
  • They value convenience

You can help them solve this problem, assuming they already know, like and trust you, by employing some specific techniques.

In the video, we use some examples from banking, technology, software  and recreation.

How to Cross Sell Aviation Products and ServicesABCI uses

  • Prospect Information Packages
  • Subscription Model to sell products and services
  • A Catalog of Products and Services
  • An Onboarding Process that helps our clients understand what else we offer and how to make the most of it
  • Customer welcome packages
  • Networking events

All of these are a means to an end.  Here are some things to consider to improve your rate of cross selling aviation products and services:

  • Create an array of products/services
  • Set a goal for the number of products per customer
  • Make sure your products and services interact well together and provide more value than the sum of their parts
  • Create a product catalog and include it in your sales process.
  • Create a New Customer Package and ensure it makes it easy for customers to buy additional products and services
  • Send an Anniversary Package to each of your customers, that includes cross selling materials (in addition to some nice gifts and treats!)

Our Insiders work on cross selling in our Aviation Sales and Marketing Lab, which includes sales training, our book club, our Facebook group,  individual Office Hours, and special projects.

If you’d like to discover if the Sales and Marketing Lab would be a good fit for you, let’s talk about YOUR objectives and challenges – give us a call at 702-987-1679 or schedule an appointment to chat with us for 30 minutes.