Can an updated aviation brand help you sell more products and services?


Since aviation is such a trust-based industry, it’s important to establish a reputation, and your brand is simply a visual representation of that reputation!

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Three Ways to Update Your Aviation Brand

  1. Your customers own your brand, so make it easier for them to use it!
  2. Make your logo suit your audience (Upscale or mass market?)
  3. Create multiple logo variations

Your Customers Own Your Brand

Your customers own your brand

There is an argument in  every University marketing class about who owns your brand.

Of course it’s your own intellectual property. You can trademark a logo, tagline, slogan, symbol or any other visual art.  But your customers have other ideas. They way they communicate with one another about your brand is just as (or more) impactful than anything that comes from the marketing department.

It’s easier than ever for customers to create funny memes, and if they’ve had a bad experience with you, there’s very little you can do to prevent it.

Sure, you can send “cease and desist” letters and ask them to take down any unauthorized use of your logo or tagline.  But could be copied many times before you’ve even gotten the letter approved by the legal department!

So, our advice is to devote the energy to fixing the problem and creating an open conversation about it.  If someone starts an argument involving your brand, acknowledge their frustration, explain how their experience was unusual or how you intend to fix the problem.

Mass Market vs. Upscale or Luxury Logos

Mass Market Logos Upscale or Luxury Logos

Differences between Mass Market and Upscale Logos

Upscale logos have

  • Fewer colors
  • Are more abstract
  • Have more emphasis on the name or initials
  • Include more white space

The Evolution of a Logo

If your logo is the identity of your business, it should represent your history.

Which also means that you should never change it, right?

Well, it means that you should consider each change carefully. But even the oldest brands have evolved over time.

United Airlines Logos Over TIme

I wasn’t planning to include the textbook example of Coca Cola, but since John brought it up, here it is. . . .

Coca Cola Logo Evolution

Multiple Brand Variations


Multiple Aviation Brand Variations

So, you have a great logo.

What else could you possibly need?

It’s great to have more elaborate visuals that are very recognizable but adapted to different situations.

Google is the master of the logo variation:


Kimberly Lovell Chase has done a fantastic job with Chase Aviation’s logo that is profoundly recognizable in different variations – one that’s an aviator patch that would be perfectly at home on a pilot’s bomber jacket.  One that works great on a web site, email or stationery. And a third they use for Christmas cards and greetings.


Chase Aviation Logo

Logo and Visual Variations to Consider for an Aviation Brand

  • A horizontal logo
  • A vertical or stacked logo
  • Simplified (stampable/embossable/engravable) version
  • Icon (Favicon)
  • Single Color version
  • Reversed version that looks good on a dark (or light) background

Who Can Help Me Build or Refine My Aviation Brand?

  • An extensive consultation with you, and up to three key customers designed to tease out the key ideas of your product or company that resonate with customers.

  • A basic competitive analysis of other companies in your space
  • An evaluation of your current brand elements. (You’ll send us copies of all of your printed materials, we’ll look up all of your online materials.)
  • A new or refreshed logo. You will have several ideas to choose from, and our guidance in the pros and cons of each idea.
  • A new or refreshed tagline, slogan or mission that inspires your people and your company. This will be a collaborative process.
  • A completed Design Brief and guidelines on how to consistently use your new branding elements for maximum effect.
  • Your Investment – $3479


Is There a DIY Option?

Aviation Brand Design Brief Template If you have the time and talent internally, you can create a powerful brand and use it consistently, you CAN do part of this yourself.

How is branding different for aviation companies?  We have smaller, more specific sets of possible customers. We have exclusive products. And we don’t have the design budget of a Coke or Nike – although we’re expected to look that good!

Click here for the Branding Design Brief Worksheet!

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