What are the Best FBO Marketing Materials?

“What are the best marketing materials for an FBO?”

The short answer:

  • A web site optimized for your location.
  • A great direct mail campaign to a very targeted list.
  • Postcards and other materials that will reach a broader audience.
  • Social media targeted to the people you most want to reach.

Of course, none of these will be effective without a great list, offer and presentation – so let’s get down to making those really effective!


Best marketing materials for an FBO

Don’t despair!

Using the standard marketing textbook formulas, we can come up with some even better ideas!

Every successful marketing campaign has a list, and offer, and a presentation.

Best marketing materials for FBO

Starting with the list. Who is your ideal customer, or who influences your ideal customers?  These are the folks we need to communicate with!

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on advertising, or how beautiful your ads are, or how many awards they win, unless you have an attractive Offer and a targeted List!

Best FBO Marketing Materials - the list

Next, we need to decide WHY they should be doing business with you, rather than any of the other alternatives.  This is your Offer.

Best FBO Marketing Materials - Your Offer

What can you offer to make your guests lives more convenient?

What is unique about your people, your location?

Use a map to make a big deal out of your location. (And get the local government, chamber of commerce, economic development folks to help you with this!)

Best FBO Marketing Materials - Show the benefits of your location!

THEN we think about Presentation. What is the best way to get your Offer in front of your List?

Best FBO Marketing Materials

Mailed packages – if you have a short list, you can be more elaborate with these!

FBO Marketing Materials - Mailed Packages

We also find postcards very effective.

Optimize your web site for many different variations of your local keywords.

Social media posts can include testimonials

Retweet and converse with local partners on social media.

Best FBO Marketing Materials - Conversations with local entities on social media

Write customer success stories.

Best FBO Marketing Materials - Customer Success Stories!

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