FBO Marketing Materials – Three Ways to Be Better Than Every Other FBO!

FBO marketing pros often tell us that it’s VERY difficult to differentiate.
And if you read the home pages of several different FBOs, you’ll see that most struggle to come up with something more competitive or interesting or specific  than “We’re the best FBO because we offer the best service!”
Great.  If EVERY FBO offers the best service, how are pilots, passengers, dispatchers and flight departments to choose?
In this episode, John and I talked about using the Logo Test to see if your website copy is compelling.  You can also use this test on any online or printed marketing materials as well.  Most are incredibly bland, vanilla, and unconvincing.
Most can go into a lot more detail about each of these amenities, with descriptive text, service level agreements, guarantees, specific processes, and so on.
  • AvGas, JetA, etc.
  • De-ice/Pre-heat
  • GPU starts
  • Baggage handling
  • Computer rooms/Phone rooms
  • On-site rental cars/courtesy cars
  • Pilot Lounge
  • Nap Rooms/Showers
  • On-site, 24-hour fitness facilities
  • Corporate hotel rates
  • Avfuel dealer
  • AVTRIP participant
  • Quick Turn service
  • NATA Safety 1st Certified Representatives

But, the bigger picture is that EVERY FBO can differentiate in their FBO marketing materials on three separate factors:

1- Location – why is YOUR location better than other local areas?  Do you support local businesses, sports teams, tourist locations, and so on?  Be specific about these items!

2- Airport – Every airport has advantages over others. Is your airport less busy, less restrictive, or have more, different or better services than neighboring airports?  Talk about these benefits in your marketing materials.

3- Your People – Your team is like no one else’s. Private aviation consumers love seeing familiar faces in the places they travel. They want to know the folks who service their plane and manage their travel.

The people on your team have amazing things about them – some volunteer for charity causes, some are training for a marathon, some are little league sports coaches, some are amazing artists or are writing the Great American Novel.

Watch the attached video for our latest episode where John and I go in depth with three separate examples of each of these factors.

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