Aviation Marketing Quizzes, Courses and Calculators

Quizzes, calculators & courses help prospects engage with your sales team, get more customized information about your products and services, and move the sales process forward.

You’ve seen them on the web and on social media everywhere these days!

Range calculators, trip cost calculators, “what kind of pilot are you” quizzes, and short courses on very specific topics – some useful, some just for fun.

Here are some examples of quizzes, calculators and courses in the aviation industry, used by a flight school, a consulting firm, and a charter broker.

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Online Quizzes, Calculators and Tools
One of the problems with aviation marketing is that traditional ads are just too static and don’t really engage with the people who see it.

Why not get people INTERACTING with your marketing materials?  People who get involved with your materials are more likely to invest time and energy learning about your product or service.  They are more likely to provide information you will find useful in qualifying prospects and serving them better.

And ultimately, this all results in more sales.

Here’s an example of a short course from a flight school.

John and I discuss- why would they put materials on the web when they could be charging for them?

One reason is because the flight school market is very competitive – students have lots of choices- so they’re more likely to choose one if they’ve already started the ground portion of the program and have seen the quality of the materials!

We use a questionnaire to qualify prospects for our consultations. This saves us a lot of time because many times people don’t need a consultation, they just have a simple question, or are obviously in the wrong place.  So this helps us prevent unproductive meetings.

And it helps us show up prepared for the consultations that DO get scheduled, so that it’s a more valuable use of time for everyone!

Mickey has a qualifying quiz on his ASVAB tutoring web site -Are you ready for a tutor?  Or do you expect me to do all the work for you?  😉

Many charter companies have trip cost calculators on their web sites.

Most of these don’t actually deliver your answers until you provide contact information – for good reasons!  There are many factors that go into the pricing of a trip that first-time passengers are generally not aware of, so this gives you the opportunity to collect information, make a friend, and provide some education in the process.

Why do quizzes, calculators and courses work?

Because they allow your fans, followers and visitors to acquire information on their own terms.

And because the world is SO flooded with shallow, unhelpful information that an effort to reach out and engage really sets you apart from the competition.

What can quizzes, calculators and courses do?

Software provides tools for calculating an “instant” response on the spot.

Or delivering requested results and materials by email.

Or helping your visitor make an appointment for a consultation or an in-person interaction.

We also provide complete, interactive courses with videos, quizzes, requiring long answers or requiring students to upload a form, document or video response.  These courses also facilitate scheduled Zoom sessions for interview or final exam. 😉

So, we come back to this – why would you go to the effort of creating a quiz, calculator or course?

Just about any aviation-related business you can think of could benefit from more qualified, educated leads!

And of course, helps you make more sales!  More sales means more revenue, more resources for hiring and keeping a great team, investing in delivering the best possible product or service, and is ultimately good for the coolest industry in the world!

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