“Our people are our competitive advantage.”

“We offer better service than any of our competitors.”

“Our people make the difference.”

Many aviation companies say this.

But very few of them reflect it when you actually look at the “About Us” page of their website, or the “Meet the Team” section that comes with many website templates.

  • They have out-of-date, staid team photos, if any at all.
  • The team member bios show less personality than college admission essays.
  • You really don’t get a feel for the people behind the company.

There are a few reasons for this –

“We have such a high turnover that I don’t want to invest in bios and headshots for everyone.”


“I am worried that if I make rock stars out of my people, they will steal my customers and start their own company.”


“I don’t have time to get this done.”

Our solution to all three problems?  Invest in your people!

  • Hire Great People!
  • Hire Slow & Fire Fast.
  • Have a great Onboarding Process for New People.
  • Include Personal Branding in the Onboarding Process.
  • Make Rock Stars! (Making Rock Stars is Good Business!)
  • Become Known As a Company That Invests in People!

When we set up an About The Team Page, here’s our process:

  1. We send a questionnaire to each team member.
  2. We follow up with an email or Zoom appointment to really get a good feel for their personality.
  3. One of our professional writers drafts a bio based on aviation and marketing best practices.
  4. We make changes as requested by the team member.
  5. We create a professional format with your photos.
  6. We also create “Team Member Feature” social posts and videos that show off your company’s rock stars.

Let’s get started on your Team Bios.  Not yet a client?  We have plans for every budget.

Meet the Team:

Paula Williams is your project manager, and will coordinate whatever is needed to accomplish your objectives.

Every member of our team cares deeply about the success of each and every client!  You get the expertise of an entire  marketing department at a fraction of the cost.